Thank you Mr. Cooper for all the fun!!!

The students of James F. Cooper Elementary School welcomed award winning children’s book illustrator Floyd Cooper on Thursday February 5, 2004 .  The students had long been anticipating his visit and were not at all disappointed by his presentation. 

Mr. Cooper started out by demonstrating his unique painting technique to the awe struck audience.  He held up a piece of white cardboard that he had covered in brown paint.  He then showed the students the special “kneaded eraser” that he used to erase portions of the paint from the cardboard in order to add a picture.  The students as well as the teachers of the school were amazed as they started to see the shape of a face appear before their eyes.  When Mr. Cooper had finished, he had created the face of an American Indian chief, complete with feathers and jewelry!  The picture is currently hanging outside the school’s media center for everyone to enjoy.

As if that wasn’t enough to thrill the audience, Mr. Cooper than selected a student to “scribble” on an oversized piece of paper.  Everyone laughed as Mr. Cooper said that he was going to turn that scribble into a picture.  The audience was once again amazed as Mr. Cooper added his own “scribbles” to create a picture that everyone was able to recognize – a  horse’s head.  He repeated this several times and told the students that if they were able to guess what he had drawn, they would all receive a prize from him.  Mr. Cooper held true to his word and gave each student a kneaded eraser of their very own!

The teachers of the school agreed that this one of the most exciting assemblies they had seen.  We look forward to a time when we can welcome Floyd Cooper back to Cooper School!



    Mr. Cooper demonstrating the kneaded eraser


Mr. Cooper demonstrating his painting technique

Mr. Cooper scribbling

Mr. Cooper scribbling

Mr. Cooper personalizing his books

Welcome Floyd Cooper!!!!