Triorama Requirements

What is a triorama?

This project involves creating one or more ‘trioramas’ (directions below) to enhance your groups’ oral presentation. This triorama will be in effect a multi-sided brochure to use as a prop during your groups’ oral presentation and to keep near the computers for further reference. The information can be hand written or typed, graphics can be added from clip-art or any  other means the group decides worthy!


The triorama(s) should include the following:

·       Why it’s necessary to evaluate websites

·       Strategies to use when evaluating websites.


Evaluation Criteria:

·       Content – Are all facts in the brochure accurate?

·       Writing – Is each section of the triorama clear in writing or font.

·       Organization – Does the triorama have attractive formatting and well-organized information?

·       Graphics– Does the triorama include graphics and do they go well with the text?

·       Use of Class Time – Did the group work well together? Did each student take an active part and stay focused?




1) Fold and cut

2) Fold again

3) Cut solid line

4) Overlap A over B and glue or staple

 5) Finished Triorama


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