Symbol: Tc

Atomic Number: 43

Atomic Mass: 98

# of Protons: 43

# of Neutrons: 55

# of Electrons: 43

Melting point: 2,200ºC

Boiling point: 4,877ºC

Normal Phase: Solid

Family: 7

       The element Technetium (tek – NEE – shi - em), is an interesting element.  Technetium comes from the Greek word “technikos” meaning “artificial.”  It was discovered by Carlo Perrier and Emilio Segre of Italy, in 1937.  It was the first man- made element.  This element is only produced by artificial nuclear fission reaction.  Since Technetium is radioactive it isn’t used that often.  It is used for radioactive tracing in medicine.  As of right now the element is only found in stellar matter and in the spectrum of S-, M-, and N-, type of stars.  It is not found in living things.  Technetium is a transition metal and tarnishes slowly in moist air.  The element has 1 valence electron.  The color of Technetium is a silvery gray metallic and is in the shape of a hexagon. Right now Technetium is priced $60.00/ gram.  That may sound expensive, but a while ago it cost $2,800.00/ gram.  Technetium is a fascinating element.


Technetium is an element to be known,

Perrier and Segre geniuses on their own.

Its symbol Tc, short and sweet,

The color is silvery gray metallic, oh isn’t that neat.

Although it isn’t in a lot of use,

We know it is radioactive and artificially produced.

The number of valence electrons is only 1,

Radioactive tracing medicine has just begun.

Even though it costs $60.00 per gram,

It’s really helpful to have it in hand.

I hope you’ve learned a lot about this element today,

Technetium is important in its very own way!



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Presented By: Elana