El norte

  1. When the workers are returning from the coffee fields, what do they whisper to eachother?

  2. Why does the man tell the police that the men will be meeting in the old hacienda? 

  3. What happens because he gave the police this information?

  4. Why did the soldiers take Enrique and Rosa’s mother away?  Why were they after them as well?

  5. Why did the Godmother have the Good House Keeping Magazine, and what did it represent?

  6. What advice did Ramón give Enrique about travelling to the north?

  7. As Rosa was leaving the church to go north, who were the old ladies that kept repeating her name? (hint: think back to the scene where her mother told her to not look in their house)

  8. Why do you think that Enrique showed disrespect to the old man on the bus who complained about the draft from the window?  Do you think that he would have acted that way in his own country?

  9. 1 What is a Coyote and what did they learn from having met the first “coyote?

  10. Why did they decide to take the tunnel with Raimundo Guitierrez, the second coyote?

  11. What was the first city they saw after the tunnel?

  12. Where do they go to the next day?

  13. According to Don Monte, what keeps the American economy together?

  14. Why did Enrique keep flicking the light switch in their new apartment?

  15. How did Ricky get his job as a bus boy, and how much did he get paid per day?

  16. How did Enrique feel looking at the rich people in the restaurant?

  17. What is a Pocho?

  18. How did Rosa lose her job?

  19. What does Enrique think about Rosa’s new American look?

  20. How does Mrs. Rodgers react to the way Rosa washes the clothes? Why? What do you think the movie is saying about us?

  21. What does Don Monte mean “you see Alice, that’s how these people are”?

  22. What does the fish represent in Rosa’s dream?

  23. What does Don Monete mean: “You see Alice, that’s just how these people are.”

  24. What does the fish represent in Rosa’s dream?

  25. According to Enrique’s friend (in the bar), what’s the most important thing to have in the U.S.?

  26. Why does his friend say that the Pocho gave them away?

  27. Why does Enrique decide to take the job in Chicago?

  28. Analyze why Nacha says that Enrique is dead.

  29. Why does Enrique change his mind and decide to stay in L.A.?

  30. Explain why Rosa says that they will never be free.