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The Role of Men and Women in China


1.    What factors determined someone’s role in Chinese society?


Family status, occupation, age, sex (gender), and intelligence


2. Know 3 differences between men and women in early Chinese Society.

 The Role of Men

·                   Considered strong and intelligent

·                   Leaders of families

·                   Honored for wisdom and strength

·                   Ran government

·                   Craft making soldiers

·                   Farmers

·                   Merchants

·                   Take care of and protect the weak


The Role of Women

·       Considered weak and unintelligent

·       Suppose to serve the needs of men

·       put other first and herself last

·       Care taker of her husband

·       Should educate themselves


3.    According to Pan Chao, what were the 4 qualifications of a good woman? Describe each qualification?


a.     womanly virtue – modesty pure thought, act, and word

b.     womanly words – choose words carefully, speak at the right tie.

c.      womanly bearing – bathe regularly, clean clothes

d.     womanly work—likes sewing and weaving, no gossip, prepare food for guests